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List of Foods Dogs Can and Can’t Eat

Toxic and Dangerous Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat Our four legged pet friends love all kinds of treats and will eat pretty much anything they can get their little paws on… including stuff that isn’t good for them. As a pet owner, it is important for you to be aware of the types of food your pet can safely consume. Because, while most things that are consumable by humans can be given to pets, others can cause severe harm. As we all know, over the centuries, what can be fed to pets has evolved drastically. Earlier, meats were the


Can Dogs Get Colds?

Just like humans, dogs, too, can catch a cold. As a dog owner, you may sometimes not be aware of the symptoms as they are not easily noticeable unlike when a human being catches a cold. As a result, you need to be watchful and give your canine friends all the love and care they require when they are under the weather. Rest assured, you are not putting your health at risk while doing so. Alternatively, dogs cannot catch a cold from humans either simply because it is very rare that a virus from a dog can get transferred to


10 Common Sense Tips To Take Care Of Your Pooch

As dog owners, it’s our responsibility to ensure that they live a safe, healthy, and happy life. After all, we are their entire life. But sometimes life gets in the way. Work, kids, school or work, family, and even friends can get us overwhelmed and we forget to take care of our dogs. Worry not – here’s an infographic to help us remember!